Vaish Samaj Gurgaon Online Portal

  • Posted on: 13 April 2013
  • By: admin

Project Overview :

Akhil Bharatiya Vaish Mahasammelan, Gurgaon, published a huge Directory of the Vaish Families living in Gurgaon. A great initiative to Bind over 5000 Vaish Families together. The Directory gave the list of families Categorized by Localities/Wards and served good purpose. There are many families arriving Gurgaon every year, but due to its media, The Print Media, it has become unfeasible to include them. Therefore the need for an Online Directory evolved. 

Online Directory can serve many more purposes, when it linked with the Internet. A whole online interection platform for the Vaish Community can be formed, which can help every section of society with various needs. This is the foundation of our Plan for Vaish Samaj Gurgaon Online Portal.

What is the Need for an ONLINE PORTAL

Our past few years we have successfully collected and Bound a large Vaish Society in Gurgaon. New Vaish families arriving in Gurgaon have also become a active part of AIVF, Gurgaon. Many functions have been organized from time to time on large scale.

There is a need for Online Presence to ease the Communication, provide more interaction, binding more people from Vaish Samaj who are comming to Gurgaon and combining Young Energy to our Organization. 


How we are going to do it >

When we talking about Getting the Community Online, target every age group, we need to take of following points :

  • Online Portal gives Useful Functional tools that general people can benefit from.
  • Very Easy to Access and Interact
  • Verified and Secure, Privacy and Correctness of data
  • Active participation of youth

​Keeping these points in mind we have decided the structure of our Portal

Basic website that broadcasts the latest happenings within community Events/Photos/Videos Etc. 

Online Vaish Literature : Vaish is not just a title but culture. This section shall contain the Books/writing by Leaders/philosophers/Artists of Vaish Community to pass on the awareness about our roots among the upcomming generations.

Online Searchable/Updated/User Managed Directory 
Online Directory can be easily maintained and updated, also the wrong details or additional details can added by the people themselves by creating an Account on our website itself.

The members can join Groups which can be based on locality where they can communicate a general example All the women of a locality have joined their regional group on the Vaish Samaj portal, they can broadcast the message of organizing kirtan from the Groups Message System {we will try to integrate SMS Notification or App to make effective broadcast}

The registered members can post thier ads in various categories like Jobs, Sell, Property, Rent, Ad etc FREE of Cost for Community Member.*

Business Listing
Major section of our community is invloved in Business Activities. We can help them by bringing their business online by providing a One Page Website with their Services/Products, contact details etc. This will attract people towards our portal.

An important and useful tool for the community. Accessible ONLY to Registered Members of Community. 

* - {But the question arrises that this requires the Interactiong of People outside the community, this can be solved by creating accounts for people outside the community allowing access only to the Classifieds, we will have to discuss about this feature}

Systems analysis, requirements definition .. to be continued!