Creative Process

Very often it is seen web development project goes awry, away from position. In most cases, no fault lies with technical expertise of parties, but lies with communication gap between the people involved with the project. Without a specific timetable and task list, you would go into a project blindfolded with no sense of direction.
There is no simple , straightforward line that goes from beginning to end. There will be many obstacles faced before the final goal is reached.

We have constructed an orderly plan taking careful measures, through which the development process will go along with clear communication between all channels to ensure that we are building your website, not ours.
The process will go through 5 sessions, each session with its own distinct goals -

SESSION 1 - Interaction

In this sessions we will talk to you about your plan, your vision about your website, your business needs and budget. The main concern will be on what function, necessities, and content of the website are most important to you. We want to know in which direction you are headed in, and you fully understand what we are going to do for your internet presence. All the necessary resources and requirements for the entire project will be discussed ad agreed upon here as well. Most of the communication will be managed via phone calls or e-mails.


  • Come up with timeline for the approximate duration of the project.
  • Estimation of the cost of development.
  • Summary of your business needs and priorities, and how the website will satisfy them.
  • Initial draft of the project plan.

SESSION II - Blue Print

In this session both parties will together iron out price, timeline, resources needed for web application and be agreed upon by both parties. After that out technical department will start working out with design for your website. You will be given ideas about our vision for your website and will be reported with progress updates via e-mails.


  • Revised project plan with more details of the process and procedures written in.
  • Brief on the technical aspects of creating the website.
  • Briefed on the design layout of your website.
  • Outline of the content to appear soon the pages of your website.

SESSION III - Visualization Session

Our graphic designing staff will work out on ideas to find a look that will best describe your website. Short term goals like pleasing visuals and dynamic content are taken to heart, so are long term goals such as managing complexity and loading time for the website. We want you to approve our prototype before we more one step further in the development phase.


  • Graphic interface designs.
  • Flow chart of the overall construction of your website, from the Home page till the last basic page.
  • Content matrix - proposed content for each specific page of your site.
  • Testing/Prototype website uploaded on our server for your private review and feedback.

SESSION IV - Execution Session

Once the prototype is 100% approved by our client, we will begin building your project. Our graphic designing and technical department will put together knowledge, experience and technology we have at our disposal in creating the final product. The spark of creativity will now be transformed to reality. And the final work will be uploaded.


  • Coding of the website.
  • Application interfaces and integration.
  • Final design and layout formation (As per application interface).
  • Production of fully functional website.

SESSION V - Support Session

Once we reach this final destination, you are presented with your finished website, and we go over the functionality and features within it. We answer any questions you have about operating the website, and can make any last minute changes or additions at your request. Depending on your plans we can move forward into a website maintenance program for the website.


  • Our client's complete satisfaction.
  • Consultation of site maintenanc