Putting the stories of Successful Silicon start-ups with my Indian Experiences

  • Posted on: 30 March 2014
  • By: admin
There is a very powerful term these days everywhere, Entrepreneurship.
It seems to be some new enthusiasm among youngsters. 
But My experience says the essence of "Entrepreneurship" is nothing New among Indian Youngster, the term usage of term "Entrepreneurship" might be. Many of the 'Car Shringar' shops in Gurgaon are owned by youngster Just out of School. They take a Shop at rent. Bring in investment from Kins and Well-wishers to keep the stock. 
While this article focuses on Technological Start-ups, but a motivation can be drawn from Car Accessories Shop.
Taking points straight to point. Read the story of WhatsApp or Facebook.com or Google.com.  Young students with dream when decided to act up on their dreams, changed the way we live our lives. The recent example of WhatsApp, when co-workers and long time friends met to start building an iPhone App. Weekend meeting of Russian friends in West San Jose, where this idea was formed. Like minded people joined and shaped this wonderful app "WhatsApp".
A major role is played by education institutions in creating an Environment for students where can express there creativity. If Schools & Universities provide a basic infrastructure for students to build, a lot of things can change. Things are coming up but as a Rat Race. A Few years ago MUN - Model United Nations was introduced and quickly spread to all major Educational Shops. Kids who are unaware of their JUST Geographies are now Acting as being aware Global problems.
Similar trend is in Engineering Colleges where they are making F1 race cars or Hybrid Fuel cars. I am against it, but fact is when there is a lack basic infrastructure and no thought is given for other branches, it seems odd. Example a simple Internet server for College students where they can host their scripts/projects. A server like this can help with a lot many other things, like online repositories for text-books, study material etc.
I had 2 experiences with my friends from the School. I was popular at school as some sort of Computer Geek, so a boy 1 year junior to me approached me to be a part of his 'VENTURE'. He was BBA Student, and wanted to develop a social network with a difference. I patiently listened to him, he was over-confident. Full many modern western philosophies. I was running my business, I could never think to go ahead to work for him or along with him. My business was running on Money, Such thoughts of creating something new do always come, but I never focused to sell that Idea before creating anything. This guys was very stylish and had underestimated the Technical Team for his Social Network website and wanted the Products ready without any dedication. He was very keen to keep it A Secret.
Secondly, i was working on Epub Development. We created ePub versions of all the books published by my Prasoon Publication. Epub is a format for eBooks which can read on many reading devices like Kindle, Nooks etc. Epub is open format whose latest version is ePub3 which supports CSS3 and HTML5. I met an old friend who was working on Android Apps, and had an College App on his Developer account on Google Play.
I approached him to build something together. And my plan was an ePub eBook reader for Android. He wanted some financial support, and I agreed to that. He was intelligent and quick with JAVA Android development. And started the work. I introduced him to Drupal, to sell and let user submit their books to get published. He worked for while, but i felt him very distracted, he started making his own projects side-by-side. Initially I had no problem because I wanted a partner who is knowledgeable. I understood knowledge can gained by constantly exploring. I wanted to work on ePub reader dedicatedly, but he seemed to be interested in something else. I had to pay him Rs. 5000 a month. Which after first month I could not. As the project we were thinking to build was nowhere it could have been in this time. And I was not in great financial condition when he joined and it failed to improve till the time he was with me. An alpha version was uploaded to Google Play. But further
development stopped after he left.
I wanted him to be still there, but his just being there was not required, I felt he had no mutual passion for what we were doing. 
I was planing that If we start and unit a small group of Youngsters who meet every weekend to share ideas/experiences/work, it can be a beginning of a great team.
Tech-Cafe aims to provide a WebServer to its member where they can experiment and provide a space with Free Wi-Fi Fast internet connection where Technology Enthusiasts gather to bring a change.