Educational Institutions

With 7 years experience in the Educational Software industry, Computer Planet India is providing innovative educational solutions to educational institutions. We provide all the services necessary to accomplish a dynamic, scalable, completely integrated solution for the ever-changing needs of your education organization.

Where more specific needs are identified, our wide range of software  products can be tailored and modified for your unique requirements.


  • Student Information Management
  • Student Information Systems
  • Attendance management system
  • Library management system
  • Online courseware solution.
  • Tablet Computers in Education

Learning should never be technology led. Teachers teach, technology assists.

This is an important statement, and one that is often forgotten. Focus should be placed on how the technology can be used to aid learning. Understanding the needs of students and schools, what solutions are available, what advantages and disadvantages they have, considering all these factors We help you in deploying educational solutions within your Educational system.

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